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The Assessment Review Board hears property assessment appeals to ensure that properties are assessed and classified in accordance with the provisions of the Assessment Act. The Board also operates under a variety of other legislation and hears appeals on property tax matters.

About The ARB

The Assessment Review Board (ARB) is an independent adjudicative tribunal established under the Assessment Act, with a mandate to hear appeals about property assessment and classification. The ARB receives appeals on property assessments and property taxes. Hearings are scheduled across the province, usually in the municipality where the property is located. At the hearing, all parties have the opportunity to present evidence and make arguments. The ARB hears these appeals and makes decisions based on the applicable law and the evidence presented at the hearing.

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File an Appeal

Use the step-by-step instructions provided on how to file an appeal.

Attend a Hearing

Attend a hearing as they are open to the public, participants and parties.

Check a Case Status

Enter a case number or roll number to find out about the status of a case.