Open Data Directive

What is Ontario’s Open Data Directive?

As part of Ontario’s commitment to improve transparency, accountability and openness, Ontario’s Open Data Directive requires every provincial agency to publish a data inventory or list of all the datasets they create, collect and/or manage. For more information about this directive, see Ontario’s Open Data Directive.

What is included in a data inventory or list?

The Data Inventory lists ARB’s datasets. For example, a dataset could include information about appeals, hearings and decisions from specific tribunals.

It also identifies whether each dataset is open (public), being reviewed to determine if it should be made public, or is exempt from being released because it contains data that is restricted or under review for release due to legal, security, privacy, confidentiality or commercially-sensitive reasons. See ARB’s Data Inventory here.

How do I request more information about a dataset?

If the information is not already posted to the ARB website, you may send an email to and request the information you are interested in reviewing. Please note that it make take some time to compile the information, depending on the volume and complexity of the data.

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